BuzzBug Review

BuzzBug Mosquito KillerGet Rid Of Flying Pests!

So, you’ve heard about the wonderful BuzzBug Bug Zapper! Soak up the beauty of the summertime and spend as much time outside as you possibly can. Finally, there’s a way to enjoy all of natures wonders without dealing with flying pests! BuzzBug targets and destroys any flying bug from flies, mosquitoes, moths, and many more. Don’t let your family get irritated and bitten this summer. Even as the days get cooler, the bugs will still be out. Be prepared and enjoy the fresh air! Summer is meant for barbequing, camping, and playing in the garden. Don’t let the bugs keep you from doing what you love!

Also, unlike other bug stopping solutions, BuzzBug Mosquito Killer is safe to use indoors as well, even while you sleep! It is one hundred percent chemical free, so you can feel good using it around kids and pets without issue. As an added bonus, it doubles as a camping light and flashlight so you can carry less things on the trails! One charge will last twenty four hours. It can be charged using a USB so it can even be charged in the car for extra convenience. Don’t let flying pests ruin your vibe. Trap and kill them with BuzzBug instead! Some places have extremely cold winters, and this means that they need to be outside as much as possible during the summer to soak up nature as well as vitamin D! If bugs are keeping you from enjoying the outdoors, there is a simple solution.

BuzzBug Cost

Facts About Buzz Bug

  • Easy To Use, Just Charge And Turn On!
  • No-Touch Disposal For Trapped Bugs
  • No Smell Or Sound As It Works
  • Shipping Is Lightning Fast
  • Completely Weatherproof Design
  • Light Is Adjustable For Any Situation

How Does Buzz Bug Zapper Work?

First, plug in BuzzBug Mosquito Killer to get a full charge. Next, when you are being bothered by flying insects, turn it on! The specially formulated blue light attracts bugs from within a 375 foot radius. This light is created especially to be extremely attractive to insects. They can’t help but fly into the light. Next, they are quickly and painlessly zapped by the high voltage core. This happens without a sound, and with no unpleasant smells. This is true even if there is a high quantity of bugs! The deceased bugs are trapped in the collection tray for easy cleanup. You can empty this chamber without ever touching a bug. It even comes with its own brush to sweep away the remnants. This handy design is palatable to even people with a fear of bugs.

Luckily, Buzz Bug is completely chemical free, so it is safe around children and pets. This is extremely good for people who have kids that are more affected by bug bites than others. This can really ruin a camping trip!  So definitely be prepared and keep your unit fully charged before spending a night outside! Also, a really useful environment for BuzzBug is in manual workplaces. Garages, stables and other work zones are often overrun with bugs. If there is trash, there will be painful biting flies. Don’t let your productivity slide because everyone is uncomfortable! Keep workers and animals safe and comfortable by providing a bug free zone.

What Bugs Are Affected?

  1. Flies, Including Horse Flies
  2. Biting Flying Ants
  3. Mosquitos
  4. Kitchen Fruit Flies
  5. Gnats / No See Ums
  6. Any Other Flying Insects!

How To Order

In most cases, one BuzzBug Zapper is enough to maintain a bug free radius for a small family. However, if you’d prefer to have an extremely bug free zone, or a large bug free zone such as a backyard, then consider taking advantage of the current bulk discounts to order as many as three BuzzBug Mosquito Killers for your space. This can also be handy for many rooms of the house, such as one unit in the garage for flies and another in the bedroom for mosquitos and another in the kitchen for fruit flies. Also, some extended families decide to buy in bulk so each household can have one unit. This is why we offer bulk deals for up to five units. However you choose to buy, we know that you will be thrilled to have a bug free experience, whether that is indoors or outdoors.

Simply click on any image on this page to begin the checkout process. Spending time outdoors is critically important for mental health. Although this is the case, there are some unpleasant things about nature that can keep some people from experiencing it to the fullest. If someone, especially a teen, is suffering from poor mental health, then nature can sometimes be the answer. However, most teens and preteens do not feel comfortable outside thanks to our modern lifestyle. Make sure that they feel comfortable wherever they go by providing a bug free space for them to experience wonderful fresh air. This can lead to a kind, level headed teenager because they will feel at one with their roots. Don’t hesitate, order today!